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Air + Linen Refreshers

Saint Olio

Air + Linen Refreshers

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Mist your pillows, bedding & towels. Use in the air to freshen, deodorize & clean. Fabulous on sweaters and denim to minimize laundering. The new Air + Linen Refreshers fragrance your world subtly and naturally in three addictive fragrances Citron, Neroli and Sitka . A concentrated composition of essential oils, absolutes and flower waters create another way to bring Saint Olio's olfactory pleasures into your daily life.


No. 1 Citron

Crisp Citrus + Lemongrass 

Create a daily ritual of misting your bedding & cleansing your environment's air with our new Air+ Linen Refresher. Luscious citrus fruit oils + lemongrass meld with sumptuous orange blossom to give your and your surroundings a juicy, uplifting aroma. 

Primary Ingredients
Grapefruit: disinfectant, antidepressant
Sweet orange: fungicidal, bactericidal
Lemongrass: deodorizing, disinfectant

No. 2 Neroli

Geranium, Rose + Orange Blossom

Freshening, cleansing and beautifully fragranced, our 100% natural Neroli Air+Linen Refresher uses the therapeutic power of essential oils to create a healthy olfactory experience with zero toxic residue. Spritz bedding and air liberally to benefit from this sensual scent.

Primary Ingredients
Geranium: deodorizing, fungicidal
Rose: antiseptic, nerve tonic
Sweet orange: uplifting, bactericidal
Neroli: deodorizing, soothing

No. 3 Sitka

Grounding, herbaceous spruce & juniper harmonize with tangy citrus to bring the forest indoors. Mist your linens before bed to decompress from city living. Spritz everywhere to make your abode feel like a cozy cabin.

Primary Ingredients

Spruce:  grounding, antidepressant
Juniper: deodorizing, bactericidal
Tangerine: uplifting, disinfectant


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