Is your store affiliated with Made in Oregon? 

We are not. But just as we support our local makers, we love our local businesses as well!

Do you carry the same products in the store and on your website? 

For the most part, yes. Sometimes it takes us a small amount of time to get new products up on our site, so for a short period there may be a few items that are in store; but not yet up on the site.

Are all the products really made in Portland?

Largely yes, most products in our stores are fully fabricated within the greater Portland area. However, more and more we are also featuring products that are fabricated in neighboring Oregon communities, as well as other Northwest cities.

How many different brands do you carry? 

We currently represent more than 200 different brands (and 8500 products) and that number is always growing! Head to our brands page to see the full list.

How is shopping local beneficial to my community?

According to the 2018 Small Business Economic Impact Survey from American Express, an average two thirds of every dollar ($0.67) spent at a small business in the U.S. stays in that local community. Further, every dollar spent at small businesses creates an additional 50 cents in local business activity as a result of employee spending and businesses purchasing local goods and services*. 

How do I get my product(s) in your store(s)?

We love finding new makers via local shows, online, networking, etc. But we really love hearing from local vendors that we may not know about yet. So, please head to our Product Submissions page if you are interested in starting a conversation about featuring your product(s) in our stores!

Do you work with companies on corporate gifts?

Absolutely! We would love to work with you. Please visit our Corporate Gifting page or email info@madehereonline.com, and we will get back to you right away.

I need to order larger quantities of one or more of your products, are you able to accommodate?

Yes, and in most cases we are able to get additional product quickly. Give us a call or send an email to info@madehereonline.com

If I contact you, will I be able to speak to a person directly? If I send you an email, how long do I expect to receive a reply?

Yes, call our stores during business hours and someone will pick up. We will send you an email response very quickly, usually 1-2 hours at the latest, and quicker during business hours.

Are you hiring?

To find out if we are hiring at one or more of our locations, visit our Careers Page for further details.

Does MadeHere offer any warranty on the items sold? 

We stand behind all our products. And all items are protected by the corresponding warranty offered by the individual maker. But, in the scenario of any issues arising that we are unable to address in-store, we are happy to contact the vendor for you and find a solution!

Do you process special or custom orders for your makers?

We do! Please email info@madehereonline.com

I saw something in your store but I can't find it online. How can I purchase it?

We are always getting in new products and sometimes it takes us a little bit to get products online. We may have the product in stock for you to order, please email info@madehereonline.com

Why won’t my gift card work online? 

Gift cards purchased in our physical store fronts do not transfer to our online store automatically. We wish they would, but they don’t. Don’t fret! Please email us at info@madehereonline.com and we can get you a gift card code to use online instead.

Are your stores dog friendly? 

Yes, bring those pups in! We have a treat just for them!
*Disclosure: The statistic cited above is an estimate based on calculations using data on small businesses with under 100 employees from the U.S. Small Business Administration, as reported in the 2018 Small Business Economic Impact Study conducted by Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) on behalf of American Express.
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