Trailhead Coffee Roasters

Portland, Oregon

Our coffees are harvested with care — organic, sustainable and well above fair trade prices. Many of our coffees come from woman-owned cooperatives throughout the coffee growing regions. We taste and select the best for production.

With excellent beans in hand, we develop a roasting profile based upon chemistry and experience — one that creates the most magic in the cup. Each roast is computer monitored and adjusted for batch consistency.

We dwell in the world of medium roast. A medium roast allows the nuance of origin to shine through while getting the nice caramelization that happens as you move beyond light roasts. Each coffee is unique. If it's a berry-note Ethiopian, we go lighter; a chocolatey coffee from Mexico, we go a bit darker; or, a earthy Sumatra, we go for a dark roast.

Our bags are hand printed in-house. We design the artwork, blend the colors and roll the ink for every bag. It's a labor of love.

Cargo bikes transport our coffee to markets, cafes, offices and restaurants in Portland. For clients outside our delivery zone, we ship using a UPS carbon-neutral program.

From start-to-finish, we do this for the love of coffee, the people who grow it for us and the people who will grow with us as a company.

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