Tonic & Bloom

Portland, Oregon

Chai has come a long way from the syrupy tea in a Tetra Pak we drank as kids. Inspired by Oregon regional growers and an innovative local food culture, Tonic & Bloom Energy Chais take that age old recipe and move it in sweet new directions. Our hand-sourced, energy-rich ingredients produce a delightfully rich and spicy brew with sophisticated herbal undertones.  The bonus?  Tonic & Bloom Chai delivers the  balanced energy you need, without the sugar crash you don’t.

Hand blended in Portland, Oregon with locally sourced, organically farmed ingredients, T&B Energy Chais are delicious hot or cold. 

No time for tea?  Brews a pot full of energy chai in your French press. Keep it chillin in the fridge for instant lattes all week long!   

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