Tigerpocket Press

Portland, Oregon

Tigerpocket Press was founded in 2018 because founder Tammie Bennett had something to say but wasn't sure how to say it. She felt her message would get lost in translation over phone, text or social media. So she created a line of greeting cards that helped break the ice and get the conversation started. 

Tigerpocket Press believes a powerful connection happens when you put your thoughts and feelings on paper in the form of a card and send it in the mail. The lucky recipient gets to touch the same paper you touched – a tangible connection.

Our cards help you connect and celebrate with others over all the moments life throws at us. The sad ones, beautiful ones, happy ones, ugly ones, silly ones, funny ones, embarrassing ones and all the other ones.  And sometimes they help you connect for no specific reason at all – just because this life is worth celebrating.

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