The Candy Apothecary

Portland, Oregon

I am a pharmacist by trade, a mom by choice, and a candy maker by passion.  I am the last of 11 kids and have grown up making candy during the holidays.  I learned candy making and baking when I was very young.  My mom shared her talents and craft with me.  For that, I am so grateful.  

Every year, it’s just not Christmas without family favorites decorating the table.  I have taken 50-year old family recipes, added several more and can't wait for you to try these confections!

Old-fashioned candy store treats, caramels, turtles, honeycomb seafoam, marshmallow, nut chews, brittles. Terrific old-time candies that stand the test of time. 

The Candy Apothecary is an inspiration from my pharmacy background and love of handcrafted gourmet candies that stand out among the best that I have ever tasted.  It’s the freshness and small batches that make it special.  Every candy is made one batch at a time, hand-cut and hand-dipped in chocolate.  No fillers or compound chocolate, but solid chocolate tempered to the exact consistency for divine dipping and perfect snap to the finished product.

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