The Better Bar

Portland, Oregon

The Better Bar was born from a gourmet chef’s desire to combine natural, antioxidant-rich, delicious flavors with gluten-free, vegan, raw-pressed, stamina-building, portable superfoods. As an avid adventurer and someone that has dietary restrictions, The Better Bar Founder, Brody Durant found that his taste buds and performance needs were always disappointed by other bars on the market.

After backpacking around South America, Durant started to explore the idea of making a portable snack that would be delicious to even the most discerning palate, both nutritious and safe for vegans, celiacs, and peanut-allergy sufferers.

We wanted to create an allergy-free, Non-GMO plant-based nutrition bar that provides sustainable energy, stabilizes blood sugar, and increases stamina. From athletes and hikers to travelers and toddlers, everyone deserves a tasty, safe, and healthy snack.

Improve recovery, build stamina, be sustainable, live healthy, SNACK BETTER.

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