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Soap by Clean Wit
Soap by Clean Wit
Soap by Clean Wit
Soap by Clean Wit
Soap by Clean Wit
Soap by Clean Wit
Soap by Clean Wit
Clean Wit Activated Charcoal Soap
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Product image 9Clean Wit Activated Charcoal Soap

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Everything is handmade, organically derived, and made from the heart in Portland, Oregon.

Descriptions from Clean Wit

Shower Roast

There's not much that beats a nice warm cup of coffee in the morning. Except for taking a nice hot shower awakening your senses and mind with the smell of sweet hazelnut coffee. What better way to ease the mind and get ready for the day ahead. 

Eucalyptus + Red Clay

Our koala friends know what eucalyptus is all about; the lather of this bar mixed with red clay will leave you as soft as a koala smile every morning or bedtime. The eucalyptus has a nice spicy note while the red clay delivers intense moisture and healing. This is a fantastic bar for anyone wanting a low exfoliant, but high skin enriching combination.

Minted Rose

After Portland's official nickname: City of Roses, I wanted to give my Rosé bar a slight upgrade. This two-toned bar provides great aromatics with good respiratory relief from cooling peppermint essential oils. And the subtle notes of the gorgeous rose scent helps relax the mind. Just use this bar and close your eyes - you will feel as if you are downtown strolling through Portland's very own rose garden.

The Douglas

I often think about how lucky I am to live walking distance to trails through coniferous forests and breathe in the air of fir trees. I wanted to bring this joy to my friends and family, so I made a bar and it ended up being too good not to recreate. Then came The Douglas soap bar. Named after the Douglas fir, a native tree of The Cascades. This bar honestly gives you a nature walk in the show or bath. Breathe in the effervescence of the forest with this soothing bar of soap.

Sweet Calendula

Calendula, also known as Marigold, is one of my favorite flowers to work with. With this bar I had a blast infusing olive oil and steeping distilled water with calendula petals. The healing properties of calendula are endless. This creamy bar is reminiscent of an orange peel. Mildly scented with citrusy sweet orange essential oil, which is revitalizing and uplifting for the soul.

Honeysuckle + Blue Cornflower

This bar is made up of freshly dried calendula and blue cornflowers. The scent is of honeysuckle essential oils that make for a floral and almost tropical finish. A great scent for men and women.

Activated Charcoal

The past few years have seen a massive jump in the application of activated charcoal to beauty products. But why? It is simple to note the brilliant properties that a small particle of activated charcoal brings to the make up of a bar of soap; to be precise 1 gram of activated charcoal brings a surface area of 500m2, meaning that your skin is being delivered a massive amount of nutrients with that carrier. I added pure tea tree oil to the activated charcoal purely because the tannins that the charcoal is able to provide make for a gorgeous and full bodied scent.

Rosemary + Sage

This bar is inspired by love in July in Tuscany, Italy (where my husband proposed to me). The distinctive aroma that is of rosemary is reminiscent of the countryside roads where you can see an abundance of the plant growing. Sage, a sister herb, is as equally enticing and beneficial to the skin. On my wedding day, I made this soap as gifts for guests. I decided to add this bar to my line to continue to share the love and special memories from that day with everyone to enjoy.

Flaked Juniper

Introducing my first seasonal bar: Flaked Juniper. This bar has scents of cranberry with subtle notes of your favorite spices: cinnamon, juniper berries, nutmeg, and ginger. Perfect for cold Fall and Winter months as well as welcoming Spring and Summer with open arms. 

Bergamot + Turmeric

Eastern medicine has long since used turmeric for everything from chicken pox to antibacterial reasons. The introduction of the Italian bergamot fruit adds a soft citrus scent to the earthy ginger aroma from the turmeric. This is a great clean smell for the guys, but women love the great balance of the two perfectly weighed out components that make this bar a huge hit.

Oatmeal, Milk + Honey

This bar is based on that blissful first part of your day; when you take in the comfort of a bowl of oatmeal and honey washed down with a nice cold glass of milk. This daily use bar will leave your skin soft as a warm marshmallow and you will smell as fresh as a ready-for-harvest oat pasture. You cannot beat the health benefits of oat, milk, and honey; find out why with this bar in your shower or bathtub.

Bamboo + Dead Sea Salt

My husband is a busy body who brought up the idea for a bar that exfoliates and is antibacterial at the same time. The subtle smell of bamboo added to the clean salt smell, making this his favorite bar. This is a clean and pure smelling bar that is understated, but a heavy hitter in the cleanliness department.


A sweet yuzu aroma that yields a youthful energy. 

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