Fun is Forever

FUN IS FOREVER is a collaborative project between best friends Aleka Tomlinson and Alli Walker They are both happily compulsive creators of useful objects with years of experience in producing functional home goods, and they have the best time when doing it together. 

In a world all too populated by austere home design, they relish in creating work that reflects the fun they have together as friends onto whatever hands and homes it finds itself in. Each item is individually handmade by us as a team; from throwing pots together to weaving side by side. The themes of the work are inspired by mutual interests in gardening, baking, and traditional craftsmanship. The materials they use are high quality, and locally sourced to the degree that it is possible. They are huge nerds about thoughtfully building goods that last and are proud of it. 

Fun is Forever's main goal is for everyone that sees the bold colors and vivid patterns in the designs as an excuse to smile, to laugh, to feel like every one of those moments is a tiny party (or a big one!). The objects you adorn your home with should elevate your experience there and make you feel good for years to come. So whether you’re at home alone sharing ice cream with your dogs, dancing like a crazy person with your roommates, or having a Sunday dinner with your family, our objects are completely dedicated to making your home the party it should be.

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