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Portland, Oregon

Oomph was born out of our family kitchen as part of our journey to health. We began dehydrating and milling organic vegetables and herbs then combining them into aromatic cooking blends.  This allowed us to easily add incredible flavor and nutrition to our meals, effortlessly.  Our cooking blends allow you to build a foundation of flavor that infuses deeply as you cook. A little goes a long way, start with a teaspoon and if needed, work up from there.  Put them into anything your cooking, omelets, burgers, pasta sauce, soups, stir-fry or rice, homemade baked goods or tortillas, be creative!  As long as there is a little moisture they will rehydrate, add Oomph and reward your palate with yumminess. 

Healthy food has helped positively shape our family, it has transformed our bodies and minds much more than we could have imagined.  We are happy to share our products with you.  We know it takes time to shop, plan, cook, eat and clean up and we know every little bit helps.  Our blends allow you to easily add flavor, nutrients and healthy ingredients to your meals, a boost with no chopping and no cleanup.  

My family loves them and I hope you will too! Eat Well, Be Well!

Approved Whole30 Brand.

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