One Fork Farm

McMinnville, Oregon

Our love affair with caramel began with our love of Oregon and our local community. After managing a large farm on the coast of Maine, we decided to return to our home in Western Oregon and began looking for land to put down our roots. As we began setting up our small farm in 2013, we knew right away that we would need something to do in the winter when the farm was slow. We wanted something that combined Dave’s love of cooking with our desire to support local agriculture, and that’s where caramel came in. While tinkering around with his own recipe for a caramel that wasn’t made with corn syrup to sell during the holiday season, Dave stumbled upon a raw honey-based caramel that was out-of-this-world. What started as selling to family and friends quickly grew into something much bigger, and we discovered that caramel is really the perfect vehicle to showcase the fabulous flavors of our region. Caramel is the most basic of candies, you just burn sugar and dairy to a certain temperature, right? But in it’s simplicity, it can also be a complex canvas with which to display the quality ingredients that make our caramels phenomenal.

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