NW Alpine

Portland, Oregon

Unplanned bivvies in ice caves, three day climbs stretching into seven and “don’t fall” belays. We never know what we might learn from an experience unless we endure, and it's those lessons that shape the values of NW Alpine. We believe apparel for alpine climbing should fulfill the technical needs of modern alpine climbers.

Since 2010, we’ve crafted our pieces to be trusted in the burliest of environments, drawing from a talented pool of Oregon-based makers and world-class athletes that can dream up a layer and put it to the test the next day.

We pride ourselves on nimbly responding to the needs of climbers of all disciplines type two-ing it in the mountains and cold places of every continent with the next generation of materials that make no compromises between function, weight, and durability.

From concept to creation to final product, we keep our pieces simple so they simply work. You won’t find us making superfluous lifestyle apparel, unless of course that lifestyle is freezing your seat off a few hundred meters off the deck.

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