Portland, Oregon

Being a surfer, martial artist and multi-passionate person, I found that working with metal aligned more with who I was. It melded nicely with me and just seemed to fit. Working with metal, like surfing and martial arts, focuses my attention and gives me a creative form of expression. Mynumee’s is a way of doing the things that I love, going through growth periods of creative challenge, and knowing that it will always be a journey. When I do the things that I enjoy and work on myself, I become a better version of me. A new me (my new me).

I've always been intrigued by East Asian studies (art, culture, language, etc) and through metal, I was able to blend these various interests and bring them to life through art. After years of building my experience in the jewelry and metal art industry, I had the rare opportunity to learn Nunome Zogan from a 5th generation master. This art form is challenging and takes time to master, which I find satisfying and rewarding.

Originally used to decorate steel swords, a decorative foil is applied to metal alloys in a cloth-like pattern. While a few artisans adapted this technique for use on softer metals like brass, copper, and silver since the late 1800's when citizens were banned from wearing swords in Japan, it is now considered a lost art. My goal is to continue this craft and share its beauty with others.

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