Portland, Oregon

MADRE is Shay Carrillo and Jeanie Kirk, two women deeply stirred by mothering, both beauty + breakdown, homemaking, food, and how a nourishing home can ripple outwards to support and honor our children, our collective human family, and the natural world. We all eat, and we all rest, therefore MADRE strives to offer linen home essentials that support food, rest, and our community.

Linen napkins are the foundation of MADRE, and we are proud to launch with a select linen napkin assortment. MADRE plans to expand to include a deeper offering of tabletop and kitchen goods, bedding, and other select home essentials.

Shay and Jeanie dreamt up the idea for MADRE from a simple premise: to create linen home essentials that are as close to 100% domestic as possible, meaning: grown, processed, woven, and sewn here in the United States. We soon learned that the long-dormant American linen industry is being rebuilt as we speak, and we are eager for its return and honored to be a part of welcoming flax back to Oregon, where the majority of it will be grown (at least at first). We are thus working (with a number of MADRE mujeres) towards the day when all of our linen products will be created with domestic linen. 

In this interim period, before Oregon linen is available, MADRE is committed to a transparent supply chain, offering European linen, sewn domestically. Until Oregon linen is rolling off the looms, each and every MADRE purchase will serve to signal to the farmers, state, and myriad other linen industry stakeholders that the demand for Oregon linen is steadily growing.

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