Portland, Oregon

lumafina started in 2008 in Hilary's first home.  Hilary is a self-taught jewelry designer and metalsmith based in Portland, Oregon.  She makes silver, brass and gold pieces drawing inspiration from nature, global and cross-country travels, minimal modernist movements and abstract art.

We are a three-mama-run business (Hilary is pictured above with her babes). At the studio we laugh a lot, discuss goings-on in the world outside, and dance it out once in a while.  We are more than jewelry. More than a shopping experience.  lumafina strives for handmade life.  Simple beauty, joy that is lost so easily in the hustle of our culture.  Take a breath with us, relax, enjoy good hard work, rest in the person you've become and remember those around you that have helped make you so. Then don't forget to take yourself a little less seriously.

We believe in making wearable art with care, making it more about connection and less about consuming.  We want to connect and give back.  So take a look around, say hello if you like and push into the handmade life with us!

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