Kamoka Pearl

Portland, Oregon

Kamoka Pearl Farm produces pearls from oysters grown in the nutrient-rich lagoon of Ahe Atoll, 300 miles northeast of Tahiti. We are known for adhering to the strictest levels of sustainable farming in the pearl world and we've pioneered many eco-farming techniques that have not only helped the environment, but also improved the quality of our pearls.

Independent tests (by the Tahitian Service de la Perlicuture) have shown that our mother of pearl nuclei produce triple the number of high-quality pearls than are made with foreign shell nuclei. Another study written about by National Geographic, has shown that our farming methods have helped to increase the area’s fish population in recent years.

We can't imaging farming any other way. It seems only natural to respect the surrounding ocean that nourishes us, produces our livelihood and fills us constantly with wonder. We hope that our pearls hold some of the love that we put in to them and the beauty of the incredible place that they come from.

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