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Chocolate Bar
Only Child Chocolate Best Fronds Forever Bar
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar
Chocolate Bar
Product image 1Chocolate Bar
Product image 2Only Child Chocolate Best Fronds Forever Bar
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The Sun and The Sea

The maker's favorite past time as a child was snacking on sunflower seeds, shelling and squirreling away tiny seed after seed behind her cheek. In this bar, we brought together toasted sunflower seeds with sea salt and dark chocolate, for a crunchy treat that will make you grin.

Rosemary and Ginger Walk into a Bar

One of our greatest pleasures, walking along the verdant streets of Portland, is pinching a bit of rosemary between our fingers. This bar marries that wonderful scent with the luxury of milk chocolate and the zing of candied ginger. 

Hedgehog in the Fog

The name of this bar was inspired by a cartoon the maker watched as a child in Russia. Hedgehog in The Fog is about a timid hedgehog looking for his friend the bear in a mist enveloped forest, so they could meet for tea. Foggy white chocolate is blended with bergamot, the signature flavor in Earl Grey tea, and topped off with freshly ground, prickly black pepper. Sweet, yet spiky.

Rose-Colored Sunglasses

A perfect treat for when you need a little optimism in your life. Our Rose-Colored Sunglasses bar is made from an Ecuadorian white chocolate ground for 24 hours with cranberries and kissed with rose oil. We then finish off the party with rose petals and slow roasted pistachios. Sweet, tart, and floral with just a bit of nuttiness, just like us!

Pita the Great

Three cheers for Pita the Great! A rousing ride of dark chocolate, oven-toasted pita chips, Oregon-grown hazelnuts and dukkah, a fragrant mix of seeds and spices. We use only the best of the best: the pita is made by our favorite Portland Lebanese restaurant, Ya Hala; the hazelnuts are grown by Freddy Guys Hazelnuts; and the spice mix is lovingly toasted and ground by us. Long live the chocolate bar!

Best Fronds Forever

A milk chocolate bar featuring salted peanuts, aromatic fennel, coconut slices, and a touch of cayenne. It’s a tropical breeze and the warming of sunshine in a bar. It’s also a bit like a great friendship - it’s salty, sweet, crunchy, and spicy and it’s somehow just right - you can’t imagine it being any other way once you’ve gotten a taste.

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