Ferrum TC

McMinnville, OR

Officially founded in 2016, Ferrum Technology Corporation is a privately held and female owned US manufacturing company based in Willamette Valley, Oregon. The company has developed a proprietary modern metal forming process to produce premium consumer goods and specializes in high-end kitchen cutlery.

Built from the ground up to produce evolutionary metalwork, Ferrum’s unique production technology has already earned the attention of several major brands in the knife industry. The team at Ferrum Technology is backed by more than 50 years’ experience in the precision manufacturing of medical devices and uses advanced production techniques to unlock previously unattainable design possibilities.

As a result, Ferrum products feature the best modern materials and set new limits of build quality, style and performance. Refinements that used to be reserved only for custom knives worth thousands of dollars, are standard on every knife we build.

Our design ethos is simple. We look at how people work in the kitchen and create tools that make the job easier. Our blade shapes don’t always follow convention. They are built to look great, feel good in the hand and deliver razor sharp performance; whatever your style of cooking is.

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