Angela White

Portland, Oregon

From her garden and neighborhood in North Portland, Angela gathers the webs of orb weaver spiders on handmade porcelain forms, fossilizing the fragile and ephemeral creations of local makers, hunters and mothers.

She imagines them lasting for billions of years. The webs are records of many things. In their design, scale, shape, captured contents (bugs, seeds, leaves, dust and debris), in their broken and repaired areas—these webs reflect and record the bodies, locations, surrounding conditions and daily activities of their creators. Likewise, the functional clay forms—cups, bowls, and platters—speak to the bodies and activities of humans.

In all, these works are a record on a record—the record of the spider on the the record of the human. Also, they are records of her process. As she gathers the webs, reaching through blackberries or crouching in cucumbers and squash, the conditions and dynamics are recorded as the webs distort, snap, and flatten.

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