Oregon Bark

Portland, Oregon

For 12 years, I owned and operated a popular cooking school in Los Angeles. In what was perhaps our most popular class, our students gathered several times a year to make candy. In 2011, after falling in love with a Portlander, I sold my business and moved to the Pacific Northwest.

It’s serendipity that brought a food-focused entrepreneur, still consumed by candy making, to a city that embraces culinary artisans. With only a basic understanding of tempering chocolate and cooking with sugar, I had an idea to make a chocolate bark with toffee running through it. It was great, and then I went nuts. Or rather, in 2015 I decided that as an environmentalist, I wanted to try to make something just as special without using animal products. I started playing around with peanut butter and a pure cane sugar syrup and dreamed Tom Bumble into existence.

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