Albina City Nuts

Portland, Oregon

Albina City Nuts began in 2008. Inspired by our bountiful local food economy, we wanted to create something delicious out of one of our regions food treasures, Willamette Valley hazelnuts. After many hours spent in the kitchen perfecting our craft and eating more than our fair share of nuts, we had our first product, Sweet & Salty Hazelnuts. Fast forward to today, we have a full line of delicious products and a small family owned business.

Because of our interest in eating foods that are wholesome and sustaining, we believe that simple is better. We take that to heart and think you’ll taste it in our products.  We don’t overload them with sweeteners or added oil.  Sourcing high quality ingredients and making our recipes by hand allows us to keep an eye on every step of the process and ensure that only the best stuff (great ingredients and care) go into making our products. We think you’ll notice. 

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