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Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Loose Leaf Tea
Berry White Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Berry White Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Bird Song Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Bird Song Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Black Wolf Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Black Wolf Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
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Product image 2Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 3Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 4Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 5Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 6Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 7Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 8Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 9Loose Leaf Tea
Product image 10Berry White Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Product image 11Berry White Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Product image 12Bird Song Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Product image 13Bird Song Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Product image 14Black Wolf Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl
Product image 15Black Wolf Loose Leaf Tea by Jasmine Pearl

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2.5oz canister of loose leaf tea.


Cocoa Mint
Cocoa Mint is a decadent dessert blend of cacao nibs, carob and vanilla, accented with peppermint and combined with black and puerh teas. It is a rich and full-bodied tea with an enticing chocolatey aroma. Excellent with milk!

Jasmine Pearls
Jasmine Pearls are hand-rolled young Chinese green tea leaves, generally from Fujian Province, though they are produced in other provinces. The rolled pearls are dried, then blended with unopened night-blooming jasmine flowers. Over the course of a night, the flowers open and release their aroma into the tea, flavoring it and giving it the heady scent associated with the tea.

Lavender Rose
Organic Bai Mudan or "White Peony" is blended with roses, lavender, lemon balm and lemon myrtle for a fragrant and light-bodied tea.

Kashmiri Chai
Jasmine Pearl's twist on a traditional blend from the Kashmir region! Their hearty Gunpowder green tea is blended to perfection with spicy cardamom, peppercorns, and cloves with the sweet natural flavor of amaretto, and finished with fragrant lavender. This tea is outstanding on its own or steeped in milk with a dash of honey.

Jasmine Tulsi
Jasmine Tulsi is a fusion of jasmine green tea, purple leaf (Krishna) tulsi, lemon balm and anise. Tulsi's unique flavor is a blend of mint, licorice and clove; pairing perfectly with the delicate floral, citrus and sweet notes of this blend.

Lady Grey
Jasmine Pearl's classic Earl Grey with a fruity boost of orange zest and lemon myrtle. Makes an uplifting tea served hot or a refreshing citrus iced tea.

English Breakfast
Need something eye-opening and smooth to start the day? Look no further. Jasmine Pearl has combined teas that are smooth and flavorful. Only slightly broken, the leaves won't quickly become astringent like many other breakfast blends.

Bird Song
Bird Song Oolong's exquisite base is a Wu-yi varietal oolong, grown at low elevations in central Taiwan. This lightly oxidized and lightly roasted tea offers natural floral and herbaceous notes after a brief baking process. We pair this exceptional oolong with fragrant rose petals, chamomile blossoms, and fruity lemon balm.

French Breakfast
A creamy, floral brew of malty black tea, lemon myrtle, lavender flowers, natural vanilla, honey and touch of citrus.

Haiku Peach
A beautifully balanced blend of white tea, peach, vanilla and a hint of rose hips. Whether you prefer to drink it with or without the addition of a sweetener, Haiku has a natural light sweetness and smooth finish.

Berry White
A white tea that everyone can appreciate! Organic white peony blended with jasmine green tea and chamomile, scented with blueberry and peach. Delicately fragrant and delightful.

Black Wolf
This rich and dark blend is perfect as a naturally sweet after-dinner tea or as a creamy latte. Black Wolf combines earthy Chinese ripe puerh with sumptuous cacao nibs to create a smooth, full-bodied, astringent-free brew. The medley of rosehips and peppercorns, fruity elderberry and blackberry, sweet honeybush and vanilla natural flavor gives this tea a dessert-like finish. Add a dash of sugar or honey to pull out more of the chocolate flavor.

Dark Forest
A great coffee alternative. Smooth, dark, and rich, this blend of chicory, cacao, cinnamon and many other delicious herbs create a satisfying brew for morning or afternoon. Due to the presence of cacao nibs, which contain caffeine, don't drink Dark Forest near bedtime!


Yoga Blend
A warming blend of honeybush, ginger, cinnamon, fennel, and nettles. Encourages digestion, naturally nourishes, soothes and fortifies the Yoga body.

Feel Better
Blended to gently calm frazzled nerves and brighten blue moods. Specifically devised to combat a particularly unpleasant day, it seems to serve its purpose, as many people have attested.

Lavender Honey Spice
Organic rooibos, fragrant cardamom, honey, and a hint of lavender. This beautifully aromatic blend is sweet and a little spicy—just like you! Delicious served with or without milk.

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