Candle Jar by Lulumiere


Candle Jar by Lulumiere

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Lulumière is proud to offer a true botanical candle line. These candles are poured in small batches with only plant-derived ingredients: US grown renewable soy wax + 100% therapeutic essential oils + a cotton paper wick. Each long lasting candle contains an entire 15 ml bottle of essential oils.

For Fall/Winter 2018, the inspiration is cozy indoor living. Whether it is a good cup of coffee or tea, a pot of orange rinds + cloves simmering on the stove or that crisp, fresh wintergreen tree, staying in is always a lovely idea.

Balsam & Cedar

This modern Balsam & Cedar candle is inspired by the towering trees of the Pacific Northwest landscape, gently ushering the outdoors inside. It is perfect year-round as a natural, fresh tree candle. The base is vetiver essential oil, giving it a sophisticated musky base. The heart is balsam which is slightly sweet & earthy. Then cedar wood floats on top of it all for a bright, fresh finish.

Therapeutic benefits
Balsam - Grounding, calming, relieves respiratory functions
Cedar - Soothes colds & cough, increases seratonin production, which helps with anxiety & stress

We especially like this natural Balsam & Cedar candle in the living area, office or bedroom.

Chai & Cinnamon

Inspired by Eastern tea, we took the recipe for chai and replicated it using essential oils. We love these warm spices for fall & winter. The base for this candle is deep, earthy ginger. We then layer in beautiful cardamom & clove oils. Then the top note is spicy cinnamon.

Therapeutic benefits
Clove - Contains flavanoids which help with reducing headaches, alleviates mental exhaustion & fatigue
Cinnamon - Eliminates odors, boosts brain activity
Ginger - soothes, eases nausea

We especially like this inviting Chai & Cinnamon candle in the living area, kitchen or bedroom.

Orange & Clove

This Orange & Clove candle is inspired by an after-dinner kitchen classic... simmering orange peels & cloves. We'd like think that this candle is a lovely nod to that combination done in a really light, refreshing way.

Therapeutic benefits
Sweet orange - Mood lifting, reduces cortisol (anxiety), insect repellent
Clove - Contains flavanoids which help with reducing headaches, alleviates mental exhaustion & fatigue

We especially like this Orange & Clove candle in the kitchen, bathroom or living area.

Rose & Juniper

This Rose & Juniper candle is the most luxurious combination of Bulgarian Rose and the Juniper Berry tree. The rose essential oil is smooth, floral & rich while the juniper berry wood gives this candle crisp, bright woody notes. It's a bouquet of roses, only lasts a whole bunch longer.

Therapeutic benefits
Rose - mood lifting, anti-anxiety, soothing
Juniper Berry - detoxifier, immune booster

The Rose & Juniper candle is a must for any luxury bath or self-care gift. It works perfectly for the soaking tub, bedroom or a quiet living space.

Wintergreen & Cypress

This fresh Wintergreen & Cypress candle is inspired by winter woods. Cypress oils ground this candle with a natural woodsy heft. The finish is wintergreen essential oil, giving it distinctive minty brightness. This natural combination is crisp, refreshing & earthy.

Therapeutic benefits
Wintergreen - Uplifting, stimulating, air cleansing
Cypress - Calming, relaxing, odor eliminating

We especially like this natural Wintergreen & Cypress candle in the gathering area, kitchen or bedroom.

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