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Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Pickled Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Mustard by Mustard & Co.
Product image 1Mustard by Mustard & Co.
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Mustard and Co. grew out of the realization that good food should be enjoyed in the company of bold condiments. Bold condiments have bold flavors and bold flavor means quality. To achieve superior quality, they stick to a minimum number of ingredients, all of which are recognizable and have great flavor.

Ballpark Black Pepper:

Ballpark Black Pepper is a yellow mustard with an upgrade. Think familiar sharp yellow mustard flavor with cracked black peppercorns, giving it a nice peppery finish.

Black Truffle:

Mustard & Co. searched far and wide for the best truffle infused olive oil they could get their hands on, mixed it in with their core set of ingredients and magic ensued. The flavor of truffle up front with the kick of the mustard seed on the tail end is a perfect combination.


Inspired by mustard based BBQ sauces, Mustard & Co. flipped the southern classic on its head and crafted a BBQ based mustard sauce. It has all the great smokiness and just a tad of sweetness that any good BBQ sauce should have, along with the refreshing kick of the mighty mustard seed.


Even before Mustard and Co. came to light, they've been huge fans of Jacobsen Salt Co. These guys make the world's greatest salt and it's just the right touch to complete this five ingredient mustard. And don't let the spice fool you, horseradish is not one of the five.

Garlic Dill:

When a local chef encouraged an experiment with a garlic and dill combination, it was a no brainer. Like PB&J and salt & caramel, garlic & dill were just meant to be together.

Golden Dijon:

Sure to surprise you with it's smooth and delicious flavor, Mustard & Co. applied their raw process to a traditional Dijon style recipe. A just a touch of their own Georgetown Pantry Supply raw golden honey to rounds out a mustard you will want in your pantry at all times. 

Honey Curry:

This is Justin's first creation as inspired by the two ingredients that would distinguish Mustard & Co. from the rest: balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Beyond these two core ingredients, Justin tossed in two of his favorite pantry items, raw honey and curry, and out came a bold mustard sauce that is slightly sweet, full of flavor, and packs a punch. 

Pickled Mustard Seed:

With a short list of complimenting ingredients and a minimal process, Mustard and Co.'s Pickled Mustard Seed creates a platform for the seeds to truly shine. Crunchy, tangy and versatile, a bold addition to your condiment arsenal.

Sweet Beet:

In addition to using their own go-to Washington Raw Honey from Georgetown Pantry Supply, they sprinkled in a dash of beet powder for its beautiful red color and it's slight sweet flavor.

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