Subsonic Skateboards

Seattle, Washington

Founded in 1999 in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Subsonic Skateboards specializes in performance longboards for every type of riding: long-distance, downhill, cruising, slalom, and freeriding.   We’re a small, dedicated, five-person crew of artists, craftsmen, engineers, and (of course!) committed longboard riders making premium designs that reflect the features most wanted by knowledgeable riders.  Precision CNC machine milling paired with our famous handcrafted finishing equals longboards with a global reputation for unrivaled quality.

We take our own boards down steep mountain roads and on long-distance paths, but we love them just as much for cruising across town or across campus.  We’re obviously proud of the aesthetic and technical features that make Subsonic longboards incredible to ride, yet we’re equally pleased that our longboards mean freedom for riders to get from point A to point B without adding to environmental pollution - or get outside with friends in a sport that's healthy, fun, and challenging.  Happy Riding!

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