Soulever Chocolates

Seattle, Washington

Even though I like to say that chocolate chose me, my love for it has been growing ever since the first bite. Culminating with the realization that I’m most happy in the kitchen creating, Soulever Chocolates emerged. They embody the healthy eating that I was raised on and to which I have returned to, living here in the Pacific Northwest. 

My mission is to provide healthy happiness to those with a sweet tooth, who want to be bad when they know they should be good. Most chocolates are made entirely with organic ingredients and are Paleo friendly; all are made with low-glycemic sweeteners, and are dairy-, soy-, and wheat-free. Whenever possible, the ingredients that I use are also locally sourced. Great for people who are health-conscious or who have dietary restrictions. Whole foods, no fillers & ingredients that you can pronounce without having to wonder why they’re in your food. That’s how I choose to create my chocolates. I feel good eating them, and I hope you do too.

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