Portland, Oregon

We've taken the flavors of the authentic Mexican salsas that we grew up loving, both in our family's kitchens and at our favorite restaurants, and combined them with traditional vinegar based hot sauce styles. We first set out to make a sauce for our tacos and burritos, but quickly realized that it's good on EVERYTHING!! Now we are sharing it with you. Find out what you love it on, and whatever that is, you'll only want to eat it with Smokeshow!

All of our sauces are made from just peppers, vinegar, salt, and a little bit of pristine Northwest water. We use blends of peppers to achieve our flavors and really showcase what different peppers taste like. We do not use sugar, honey, preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. This means our hot sauce is vegan, gluten free, Whole 30 friendly and Paleo friendly. 

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