3oz Bag of Nuts

Albina City Nuts

Bag of Nuts
Bag of Nuts
Smokey Hazelnuts by Albina City Nuts
Product image 1Bag of Nuts
Product image 2Bag of Nuts
Product image 3Smokey Hazelnuts by Albina City Nuts

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Sweet & Salty Hazelnut 3oz

Willamette Valley hazelnuts with honey, organic sugar, and spices.


Savory Nut Mix 3oz 

A great combination of nuts, toasted corn, pepitas and a salt and spice mixture that keep you coming back for more. Great with a cold beer.


Honey Cardamom Almonds 3oz 

Blanched almonds sweetened with a honey syrup and lightly sprinkled with cardamom.


Smokey Hazelnuts 3oz

Willamette Valley hazelnuts roasted with honey and finished with applewood smoked salt. A slightly sweet and smokey treat.

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