S'Mores Kit


S'Mores Kit
S'Mores Kit
S'Mores Kit
S'Mores Kit
Product image 1S'Mores Kit
Product image 2S'Mores Kit
Product image 3S'Mores Kit
Product image 4S'Mores Kit

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All grahams and marshmallows are handcrafted from scratch using ingredients from local purveyors that provide extraordinary products. 

All s'mores kits come with wet naps for each s'more as well as roasting instructions for electric and gas stove tops. Rejoice all! The urban s'more has arrived.


  • 8, 2.5" square Honey Graham Crackers
  • 4 Vanilla Bean Marshmallows
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Bar

Triple Chocolate

  • 8, 2.5" square Cocoa Graham Crackers
  • 4 Chocolate Marshmallows 
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Bar

Cocoa Espresso

  • 8, 2.5" square Cocoa Graham Crackers
  • 4 Water Avenue Coffee El Toro Marshmallows 
  • Bittersweet Chocolate Bar

Lemon Chamomile

Marshmallows are made with Smith Tea Maker's Meadow Tea. 
  • 8, 2.5" square Honey Graham Crackers
  • 4 Lemon Chamomile Marshmallows
  • 4 Bittersweet Chocolates


Pumpkin Pie (Fall Seasonal)

Handcrafted cinnamon grahams, paired with spiced Pumpkin marshmallows (which of course have real pumpkin inside) and finished with handmade chocolates.

Peppermint (Winter Seasonal)

Handcrafted cocoa grahams paired with cocoa mint marshmallows (infused with tea) and finished with handmade chocolates.

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