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Coffee by Slate Coffee
Coffee by Slate Coffee
Coffee by Slate Coffee
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Producer  Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm PLC | METAD Agricultural Development PLC
Region  Shakiso District, Guji Zone | Banko Gotiti, Gedeb
Cultivar  Heirloom
Processing  Natural | Washed
Elevation  1900 – 2200 masl | 1600 – 2300 masl

Adventurous drip.

Blueberry, cacao, earl grey

Some coffees never did learn to mind their manners. With no regard for social norms they will gesticulate wildly and shout their truth from the rooftops. Unfiltered wasn’t so much designed as much as it materialized to make a declarative statement: I am a medium-light roast coffee with fun and unexpected flavors. Unfiltered is a dual-seed blend of two seasonal Ethiopian coffees which when taken slightly darker in its roast creates a veritable volley of flavors. Ironically enough, Unfiltered works best when brewed as filter coffee, but shines as espresso as well with notes of blueberry acidity, cacao nibs, and earl grey tea.


Producer  Finca Agua Tibia | Canaan Estate
Region  Fraijanes, Guatemala | Carmo de Minas, Brazil
Cultivar  Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra | Bourbon, Catuai
Elevation  1675 masl | 1050 masl
Processing Washed | Pulped Natural

Traditional espresso.

Marzipan, baker’s chocolate, bing cherry

Crema serves as a hallmark of quality espresso for the classic coffee drinker. While the rich, creamy foam topping espresso has become a subject of debate in the specialty coffee world, we believe that its quality is subjective and a matter of personal taste. Our Crema blend presents the sweetness for which Slate’s coffees are renown, while offering the richness and balance of a classic Italian espresso. Currently, this blend is comprised of two seasonal coffees from Central and/or South America. When paired together, these coffees produce a syrupy, full-bodied espresso topped with luxurious crema that is sure to please the espresso traditionalist.

Cream + Sugar

Producer  Smallholder farmers around the Karimikui Factory | Finca Agua Tibia
Region  Kirinyaga County, Kenya | Fraijanes, Guatemala
Cultivar  SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11, Batian | Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Elevation  1600 – 1900 masl | 1675 masl
Processing  Washed | Washed

Classic drip.

Dark chocolate, almond, brown sugar

This coffee blend is designed to be creamy, sweet, and balanced. A cup of coffee that you can rely upon, and find yourself coming back to day after day. This is a dual seed blend composed of a washed coffee from Kenya and a washed coffee from Guatemala. Together they make a coffee which offers no surprises… and we think that can be a good thing. This is a simple coffee that tastes like coffee. Look for notes of dark chocolate, toasted almond, and brown sugar.

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