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Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
Natural Deodorant
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Aluminum-Free + Long-Lasting

Each tube is hand-poured in small batches to ensure quality. SodaWax Natural Deodorant doesn’t mask odor with perfumes. It’s a combination of six simple, natural ingredients that work together to kill the odor causing bacteria for 12 hours or more. How natural are we? We use only edible ingredients…

  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Tapioca Flour
  • Baking Soda
  • Essential Oils (No Synthetic Fragrances)

“Powder” Natural Deodorant > Amber + Pine + Ylang-Ylang + Camphor

“Powder” is a fragrant blend of Amber, Pine Needle, Ylang-Ylang & White Camphor that recalls memories of the barber’s talcum brush gently smacking you on the back of your neck…but with out the harmful talc!

“Peppermint” Natural Deodorant > Original SodaWax Flagship Scent

“Original Peppermint” is straight up fresh, clean & energizing. So good!

“Logger’s Friend” Natural Deodorant > Sage + Clove + Cypress + Fir Needle

“Logger’s Friend” is a woodsy blend of Cypress, Sage, Clove & Fir Needle will having you longing for the great outdoors or a weekend at the cabin.

“Knotty Buoy” Natural Deodorant > Sandalwood + Vanilla + Cedar + Mandarin

“Knotty Buoy” is a sweet, sexy blend of Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood & Mandarin. Like a day on the beach and a night on the boardwalk. Damn this smells sexy!

“Early Bird” Natural Deodorant > Eucalyptus + Cinnamon + Spearmint + Anise

The early bird gets the worm. This spicy blend of Spearmint, Anise, Eucalyptus & Cinnamon Bark will definitely energize you on those sleepy mornings.

“Earl Great” Natural Deodorant > Bergamot + Black Tea + Orange + Rosemary

“Earl Great” is a like a warm cup of tea for your pits! Black Tea & Bergamot with a subtle hint of Rosemary…mmm, smells so good. Cheerio!

“Citrus” Natural Deodorant > Lemon + Lime + Grapefruit + Tangerine

“Citrus” is a refreshing blend of Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime & Tangerine will put a smile on your face.

Local Pickup

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We are happy to offer local pickup for customers living in or near Portland and Seattle. In Portland parking is free and easy, just park in our loading zone. 
We will let you know when your order is available to pick up in store, usually in 1-2 business days. Please note, Portland products can only be picked up in Portland at our Pearl location, and Seattle products can only be picked up at our Seattle store.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
Portland pickup address: 
40 NW 10th Ave
Portland, OR 97209
(Loading zone is on NW Couch St)
Open Sunday - Wednesday & Fridays 11am - 6pm, Thursdays 11am - 7pm and Saturdays 10am - 7pm
Seattle pickup address:
115 S Jackson St
Seattle, WA 98104
Open Everyday 11am - 6pm 
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