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Woodblock Chocolate

Woodblock Chocolate
Woodblock Coffee Milk Bar
Woodblock Coffee Milk Bar
Woodblock Malted Milk Bar
Woodblock Malted Milk Bar
Product image 1Woodblock Chocolate
Product image 2Woodblock Coffee Milk Bar
Product image 3Woodblock Coffee Milk Bar
Product image 4Woodblock Malted Milk Bar
Product image 5Woodblock Malted Milk Bar

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Great chocolate is the result of great agriculture. Experience the unique flavor combinations in these single-serving-size bars! 

25g (.88 oz)


This 70% dark chocolate is bright and cheerful, with some surprisingly identifiable dried fruit flavors.

70% Dark (Floral Label)
Woodblock's signature double origin blend showcased in a floral wrapper celebrating the City of Roses! So pretty and so tasty!

Fleur de Sel opens up the flavor of Woodblock's double origin chocolate. Place a piece on your tongue salt-side-down for the full delicious salt-chocolate-mouth-melt experience.

Salt & Nibs
Cocoa butter-rich roasted cacao nibs are added to the double origin chocolate, giving it a tantalizing acidic edge. All that plus a satisfying nib crunch!

Toasted Sesame
Toasted sesame seeds are sprinkled onto the double origin blend to make a combination that tells a story.

Dark Milk
Some people only eat dark chocolate and some people only eat milk chocolate. This dark milk is where nobody is safe and everyone is happy. At 60% Peruvian cacao, it’s a lot of cacao for a milk chocolate. It’s clean and soft and smooth with a hint of a bite that rides a tempered caramel sweetness

Coffee Milk
Woodblock adds Stumptown Roasters’ infamous Hair Bender coffee to the grinder with their Swiss style sweet 45% milk chocolate. After a two-day dance marathon the blend of flavonoids comes into its own and a miraculously silky texture is achieved.

Malted Milk
A perfect ratio of the best ingredients: the 45% Peruvian cacao adds Technicolor and depth while the malted barley adds a unique and comfortable sweetness.

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