Mustard & Co.

Seattle, Washington

Picture it: Wisconsin. Small town Justin finds himself staring at the lengthy list of ingredients on a bottle of fancy shmancy honey mustard. Perplexed at why a seemingly simple sauce would require so many additives, he ran home, did some research and whipped up his first batch. Over the next handful of years Justin took to making mustard as more of a hobby, testing it out on friends and family until he packed up and moved to Seattle. Enter: Bryan. Fresh out of college and intrigued by Justin's mustard making talents, Bryan suggests turning Justin's hobby into a small business. With support from their current employer, Molly's - offering after hours kitchen space - Mustard and Co. was born in 2013. Now, a couple of years later, what started out as a two man operation has quickly evolved into a 3 person powerhouse in the world of small batch accoutrements. 

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