Meander Ink

Portland, Oregon

Meander Ink was started by Jamie Noel Letourneau, an independent illustrator and designer raised in the Midwest and rooted in the Northwest.

Why the name Meander Ink?

What started as a line of paper goods inspired by my solo wanderings across Europe, has now grown into looking back into my roots as a child, where I began making. In the eyes of a child, everything is a chance to wonder in awe at how it came to be, how it came to move and exist. When I began to brainstorm rebranding of my humble little illustration biz, I realized that Meander is still the perfect word to describe what I want to do.  Because meandering is what kids do. In their brains and in their hearts they hold a meandering imagination. Before we grew up we were unbiased, our minds allowed to wander and explore and grow without restriction, (to some degree of course). And so I dream of meandering through worlds with you as I create artwork to adorn your walls, or to speak a message to your audience; to communicate a clearer method of understanding concepts, emotions, and stories; to entertain and educate a child as her eyes experience all of the wonder her little heart deserves to feel.

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