Lost Commodity

Seattle, Washington

What I can tell you is how this story starts. It began as an idea on a remote stretch of Mexican coastline. It has since been passed around, picked up, and thrown out countless times. It has found its way onto long road trips, daily commutes, and foreign lands. Finally, it ended up on a production table in a 120 year old former brewery in South Seattle.

The story of this bag begins with the idea that Lost Commodity is a pursuit of perfecting a craft. These bags are our small contribution to the preservation of craftsmanship and a return to old fashioned values. The products created are our successes, the stories told are our tributes, and the lessons learned along the way are our legacy.

Where this story ends up next is in your hands. However, we expect to find Lost Commodity off the beaten path, searching for the hard answers and learning the tough lessons.

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