Hot Cakes

Seattle, Washington

Dessert is for savoring and celebrating. We are honored to be a part of your moment, nourishing your joy with organic, thoughtfully-made desserts.

Hot Cakes is a dessert restaurant and brand of high-end organic confections. In 2008 our founder Autumn Martin started the company with one product – our namesake take and bake molten chocolate cakes. She worked her day job as head chocolatier at Theo Chocolate and on the weekends would sell raw, frozen cake batter in mason jars at the farmers markets. Four years later, she opened our first dessert restaurant on Ballard Ave., the same street of the farmers market she started at. Still to this day, the most popular dessert at the restaurant is the original cake from 2008, the Dark Decadence, nothing has changed in the recipe for 10 years.

We are passionate about creating the best desserts with high-quality organic ingredients. We prefer methods of production that are slow, require hands and an intuition to create.

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