Denim Narwhal

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Made in Portland Stuffed Animal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Denim Narwhal
Product image 1Made in Portland Stuffed Animal
Product image 2Denim Narwhal
Product image 3Denim Narwhal
Product image 4Denim Narwhal
Product image 5Denim Narwhal
Product image 6Denim Narwhal
Product image 7Denim Narwhal
Product image 8Denim Narwhal
Product image 9Denim Narwhal

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One of a kind denim narwhal, approximately 5" wide, 6" tall and 26" long from tusk to tail. 

Handmade with love from red and blue heart pattern Ikea fabric and up-cycled jeans in Portland, Oregon. 

***Because of wood button eyes, I do not recommended for children under 3 years old.***

Here is my Narwhal story:

Once upon a time, not very long ago, my hubby and I were talking about jackalope, but the discussion ended up with him asking me if I knew what a narwhal was. Growing up in Thailand, I had never heard of such a thing. I said, "what's a narwhal?" He said, "it's a whale with a unicorn horn." Basically, my reaction was "what???". It sounded so random and silly, and I wasn't surprised it came from my hubby, who often likes to joke with me. But he was serious, and a little surprised I didn't know such a creature actually existed. He kind of had a silly smirk on his face at this point, so I didn't take him seriously. He said again, "yes, there's a type of whale that lives in the arctic that has a horn growing out of its head, and it spirals and everything, just like a unicorn's horn." I had to laugh at the thought, and started to laugh myself, but still didn't quite believe him. 

One quick google search later, there appeared the most wonderful, magical creature I'd ever seen! My love for the narwhal was kindled. So, with my denim narwhal plushies, you get a one of kind, completely hand-made piece of someone's sense of awe and wonder at our natural world (half of me still doesn't believe they really exist). I hope you get the same sense of whimsical joy that I still get when I make my narwhals!

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