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HW's very own Hot Winter Pepper: the off-type Jimmy Nardello that inspired Hot Winter Hot Sauce. This sauce is less sweet and more earthy, with a slowly building heat that is robust, but not over powering.

Santa Fe

A hotter blend used with Santa Fe Grande as a base, then adds Bulgarian Carrot and a little bit of Golden Cayanne for a heat that is substantial, but still full of flavor.


Just a little bit hotter than the Santa Fe Grande, this golden hot sauce is extra thick, and tastes like black pepper awash in sunshine; it is the perfect compliment to a fish taco.

Bulgarian Carrot

For all those who have asked for a hotter Hot Winter: this sauce blends our Bulgarian Carrot with LOTS of Hinkelhatz, for a bold heat with rich, dark fruit flavor with a full body.


A "warm" sauce with lots of smokey, green chile flavor, a pleasant tanginess, and just a touch of heat. 


A sweet-hot blend of Hungarian Hot Wax, Hinkelhatz and our own Hot Winter Pepper.  Perfectly balanced, this sauce is reminiscent of Sriachia, but with much higher quality ingredients and greater complexity. 


The Aleppo has a robust, long lasting heat, as well as a unique umami flavor.  It has been favored by chefs for centuries, and is named after the city that used to be the most populous in Syria. 


In a new partnership with Los Roast, we are pleased to share this fermented Hatch chile sauce.  These are certified New Mexico chiles prepared in the Hot Winter style.  We use a combination of the Arizona 1904 and Lumbre varieties, to create a sauce with an accessible heat and that distinctive SW flavor.

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