FivePly Design

Seattle, Washington

We value design aesthetics and function equally- we value creating useful, products and spaces because few people can afford aesthetics without utility. Five Ply Design makes products, furniture, and spaces that celebrate the imperfections, simplicity, and beauty of raw materials- from native hardwoods to recycled metals. Every material we choose is not only beautiful, it is also appropriate; it results in products that can not only be admired, but also be used. Each BirdHome, Graphic Coaster, light fixture or furniture piece is conceived with an exacting attention to detail and a curiosity born from the belief that natural materials are the best materials to create something which is special each time we and you handle it.

When was the last time something fit perfectly or just seemed right? You know, something that you just had to have because it was so special; it was part of you. It’s been a while, right? Five Ply Design wants to change that. Everything -from our handcrafted Graphic Coasters, to our custom projects, to the spaces we design- is approached with a discerning eye and a skilled hand to ensure that when you pick up a Five Ply Design product or walk into a space we have designed, it engages the senses and allows you to understand who you are, and the best of how you want to be.

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