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Tumbler Candle
Tumbler Candle
Tumbler Candle
Tumbler Candle
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Burn instructions: - Trim wick each time before lighting. - The first time you burn your candle, you should burn it long enough so that the melt pool extends all the way to the edges of the container which helps keep the candle from tunneling straight down to the bottom when you burn it in the future. -All 100% soy wax candles have a slightly mottled look on top which is the nature of natural soy wax and is a part of the aesthetic. - Please remember, candles must be burned away from drafts and on a stable heat resistant surface. Candle care and burning is a responsibility. Keep candles away from children, pets and curtains.

Descriptions by Wooly Beast:

Misty Mountain

Portland in the wintertime... Mt Hood and the southwest hills covered in fog creates some pretty gorgeous visuals. This candle is a perfect companion to those days.

Tipsy in the Willamette

Buttery with a slight oaky aftertaste, this candle is aged in a home studio to take you back to those relaxing summer afternoons in wine country again and again.

Smells like: Fermented grapes with a hint of late harvest blackberries

Tattoos + Cutoffs

Portland in the summertime is a plethora of exposed tattoos and cutoff shorts.

Imagine with all that exposed skin in the hot summer sun sunscreen is needed. So this candle smells like the sunscreen of your childhood Hawaiian Tropic.

Bearded Man

Picture the smell of a sexy and well-manicured beard and then take that man and have him spend the night in front of a toasty campfire....that's the bearded man. There are notes of cedarwood, amber, musk, and the forest.

Maple Bacon Donut

The Maple Bacon Donut was inspired by a certain very famous donut shop in Portland that specializes in kooky donuts such as the ever popular maple bacon donut. Vegans and carnivores alike can rejoice in this fine culinary wonder without all the calories, and with absolutely no guilt, as this candle is made with 100% soy wax.

The Maple Bacon Donut smells like crispy maple syrup bacon and buttery fried dough

Dirty Hipster

One of our Portland, OR inspired candles. One might wonder by the name, does it smell like a packed house at Mississippi Studios or Crystal Ballroom? Not quite. It smells better than its name might imply. A lot better. Notes of cedarwood and tobacco.

Winter Wonderland

This candle was Inspired by the whimsical vintage wintery wonderland that exists after the first snow of the season in and around Boulder, CO. Coated with a clean, white, peppermint powder, the glorious first snowfall on the Rocky Mountains turn this Colorado town into a snowy land reminiscent of the old west.

Trust Fund Hippie

Boulder, CO has an interesting history for a town nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. What was once a favorite winter campsite among native american tribes, rich with buffalo, elk, and antelope, is now a thriving city, packed with luxury SUVs and home to one of the biggest party colleges in the US. We lived among this for 2 years, and this time of our lives inspired this scent.

Rose City

For more than a century, Portland has been known as the "City of Roses" because of its abundance of beautiful rose gardens. It is these rose gardens that inspired Rose City. 
Smells like: a dewy rose garden early in the morning.
Good for: Gardeners, Portlanders, former Portlanders, Oregonians, mothers, grandmothers, feminine ladies, feminine men, flower lovers, people who love floral scents, tea parties, wedding gifts, bachelorette gifts, shower gifts, and Mother's Day gifts. 

Magical Forest

Inspired by the many whimsical and enchanted forests, parks, and woods in Portland. It’s amazing that you can find such lush greenery within the city limits. This soap was inspired by the moss, dew-soaked trees, and the fairies, woodland creatures, and trolls that live within them. 
Smells like: Greenery, moss, rain, pine, crisp air, and fairies.

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