Fade Into The Abstract

Seattle, Washington

Designer Kristen Nivala began her first jewelry line in 2010 alongside the sea-cliffs of Santa Cruz, California, making feather earrings and hair accessories under the line Boho Plunder. Her jewelry line began as a creative evening outlet, while by day she continued to work in after-school programs with aspirations of earning her teaching credentials. But as Kristen continued to hone her craft on the kitchen table with instructional videos and books, an expanding skillset and blossoming love to create art through jewelry beckoned her to focus solely on a new line of hand-fabricated modern bohemian-inspired designs, and thus Fade Into The Abstract was born. Over the past 8 years, from California to Boston and finally back home in Seattle, (and with a new tiny human in-tow) her designs have evolved and changed along with her surroundings. Now in south Seattle, with majestic views of the Cascades and hot summer days spent by Lake Washington, she raises her daughter and escapes to an outdoor studio oasis where she continues to grow her one-woman business with visions of one day opening her own shop to showcase additional artists and makers.

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