Bobbie's Boat Sauce

In the summer of 2015, miles from civilization and aboard an anchored sailboat within Canada’s Inside Passage, a great discovery was made.  It was a sauce.  An addictive tomato-chili sauce enhanced with aromatics, spices, lime and fish sauce, drawing on the essential elements of sambal. Inspired by the day’s catch and crafted with only the ingredients on hand, this “boat sauce” was so hauntingly tasty that its creator continued making it evolving it; first on the boat, then back on land in Portland, Oregon. 

As Bobbie refined her recipe, she continued to discover new ways to enjoy her creation : with eggs, on pizza, in a grilled cheese, over a stir-fry...the possibilities are truly endless.  Boat Sauce, the result of curiosity and necessity, is a go-to, goes-with-everything sauce and possibly the only condiment you will ever need.  Now, it’s your turn to make a discovery.  Permission to come aboard.   

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