Ballyhoo Hot Sauce

Seattle, Washington

The idea of Ballyhoo Hot Sauce came about somewhere around 2010, when Syd's food truck, Bread and Circuses, would serve at Black Raven Brewery, where Gavin worked. Gavin gave Syd a sample of a Habanero hot sauce that he had made to try. Syd fell in love with it and said we should bottle it some day!

Fast forward to February 2017, the pair decided to start bottling the sauce, with an addition of three new exciting flavors. Ballyhoo focuses on sauces that pairs well with food and adds the perfect amount of heat without burning your face off. They named all the sauces after circus terms, as a nod to the food truck, and all the artwork was done by local artist, Rich Hall. Ballyhoo is continually working on new sauces and limited edition releases.

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