Adam and The Bear

Seattle, Washington

Adam and The Bear is a custom-made durable clothing line for playful children. Our active line is designed for the timeless, layered look inspired by the Pacific Northwest. All fabric, which is the cornerstone of quality clothing, is sourced from responsible vendors with sustainability in mind. Each garment is handmade in Bellevue, Washington with the utmost attention to detail using reinforcement techniques to extend the life of the clothing so your child can play hard in style.

Adam and The Bear was inspired after years of replacing poor quality, mass-produced pieces bought from soulless box stores. The premise was simple: I wanted to use my creativity and eye for fashion to solve a problem in my own home first by creating pieces my children enjoyed wearing without sacrificing comfort and style. I wanted their wardrobes to consist of higher quality pieces, but much less quantity. Soon this idea expanded to friends, then friends of friends, and now to you. It is my passion to reduce disposable fashion one friend, one customer at a time. In most cases, a child’s wardrobe should last at least a year, preferably more, and still be in good enough condition to be handed down several times. 

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