Seattle, Washington

Thaifusions Co. is the story and journey of our family.  From our roots in Thailand to growing up in Seattle, our handcrafted sauces and passion bring authentic Thai flavor to all the foods you love.

Growing up, our mother’s original Thai recipes filled us with deep respect for our heritage, pride in our culture, and a lifelong craving for the fresh, potent flavors found only in authentic Thai cooking.

We realized just how special these recipes were when we opened our family restaurant “Toi” in Seattle. Named after our mom, she shared her recipes and skills, served as our guide and inspiration, and was the final word on taste and standards. It was her work that earned us a place in Bon Appetit’s “Best of the Year” and national recognition in Travel and Leisure magazines. We now offer Thaifusions authentic Thai sauces and curries. Each are made from mom’s recipes so everyone can experience the same Thai flavors we loved growing up with.  We hope you enjoy!

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