Saint Olio

Portland, Oregon


We absorb everything we come into contact with- good and bad.  In our modern age there is an alarming amount that we come into contact with daily.  Saint Olio creates a healthy way to clean & refresh one’s environment completely naturally.  The power comes from essential oils that are potently and naturally antimicrobial (viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds etc.).  In medical studies, these essential oils have been shown to alter moods as their molecules hit the limbic system, which is responsible for emotion, behavior & motivation. Saint Olio blends the highest quality ingredients to create luxurious personal and environmental aromas that are not only pleasurable, but are beneficial to one's health and well-being.  Below are the benefits from just some of the essential oils that we use in our line of Aromatic Cleaners, Air+Linen and Body Refreshers.

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