Francois Goods

Seattle, Washington

Francois Goods is a one man leather goods shop operated solely by me, Colin Francois. When you buy from Francois Goods, you are supporting a small business, and a maker that loves what he does. My primary focus is small goods consisting mostly of wallets and card holders, but I also design and make watch straps, key chains, and belts. My intent with each design is to balance aesthetics, durability and functionality to create the best product possible.

I firmly believe that a quality product starts with quality materials; therefore I source the best materials, even if it means ordering from around the world. Francois Goods leather comes from renowned tanneries in Italy, Japan and of course the US. Our bonded polyester thread is some of the strongest and most wear resistant money can buy. Even in this highly automated world we live in, I still believe that many processes are best done by hand, and the right tool can make all the difference. While I primarily use hand tools for crafting my leather goods, when it truly improves efficiency or quality, I'm not afraid to use newer technologies to get the job done.

When you purchase a Francois Goods product, you can expect the product to serve you well for many years to come.

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